ASV Gallery Event Photos:

 Monsignor Michael M. Boland, with Jody O’Connor and Ellen Gorney

 Artist Beate H.  

   Artist Shawn B.

  NBC-5 Chicago Films Artist Mike B. For A Feature Story

  Rev. Wayne Watts Welcomes Guests To A Tuesday Night Supper

   Artist Mike B.

ASV Feature Story On NBC-5 Chicago, June 20, 2012

Press Release:

Tenth Annual Visions Press Release and Calendar Announcement SH rev 

“Visions” story on “Chicago Tonight,” WTTW-Channel 11, Chicago, June 22, 2009

  “Now I admit I was surprised not to see shots of life on the street, but the program’s Co-Founder says that’s only natural. (According to Fr. Wayne Watts,) ‘They see beauty as you and I see beauty. They take pictures of the beauty as you and I would.  We see very few photos of their actual living conditions. It’s optimistic I think. Hopeful.’”       – Jay Shefsky,”Chicago Tonight,” WTTW- Channel 11

“Visions” article in the Chicago Tribune, June 6, 2010  


“They are people (men, women and a few children) hit by hard times and battered by life’s wicked curves…(But after)the meal’s finished, and the photos packed away, the guests and the artists, (are) all filled with food and some pride…”      

                                                        -Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

 “Visions” article in the Chicago Sun-Times, June 20, 2008

(One artist said), “It’s something that fulfills an empty void from some odd reason… It makes me at peace… If I get angry, I go take pictures. It’s a hobby where I can put all of me in and don’t worry about anybody else. No one else is around. It’s just me and my camera and the world.”    

                                          -Mike Thomas, Chicago Sun-Times

See the Catholic Charities Website,, for further ASV Press.  




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